Welcome to Realscape

Things are looking a little different lately.

A fresh new logo and bright colours thanks to the team at Raft Studio.

Two ways of looking at things. An optical illusion showing our duality. Left brain, right brain. Creative + systematic. One foot in the real world and one in a dreamscape.

Realscape is growing up.

This October, on our 4th birthday, we will launch our biggest project to date - the West-End hit Ghost Stories.

As so many new humans join us ready for tour news, we've put together a little recap to get to know Realscape better...

Realscape Recap

It all started in 2015. Our originators, the perpetual schemers Nathan and Amy, bought a notebook and went to the pub, dreaming up grand plans that would stay on the page for two years as we had other jobs and other things happening.

In late 2017, Realscape entered reality - we joined forces with a team in the UK called Darkfield and it wasn't long until we built the SÉANCE shipping container and parked it in Fed Square.

Since then we’ve been building, budgeting, touring, ticketing, marketing, accounting (bleurgh), planning, scheming and entertaining.

If you've got an hour to burn, we spoke about the journey with Caspar Roxburgh on the Binge Thinking Podcast last year. In other news, Amy caught up with Onya Magazine earlier this year and The Age's Arts Editor, Nick Miller, even managed to spin it into a romance.

Our collaboration with Darkfield grew, with two more shipping containers COMA and FLIGHT in Australia, plus the at-home 360 degree audio experiences Darkfield Radio. In 2020, we won Adelaide Fringe Festival's BankSA Best Film & Digital and Interactive Award with Haus of Mustash for the one on one experience Mummy's Milk.

Last year was a big hiatus from live shows, and it's still a rollercoaster of uncertainty, but it feels like we're on solid ground.

Onwards, upwards and probably a little bit sideways and backwards...