A group of Fringe artists and producers that want to help boost each others Instagrams with likes, comments and follows.


Simply put: Instagram's algorithm rewards posts with more likes.

The more a post has, the more your post will be seen.

How it works:

  • Enter your details below, including your instagram account(s)

  • We'll email a list out with links to everyone in the fam to follow

  • Every week there will be a new hashtag to use in your posts

  • Check the hashtag daily for content to like and comment on

#FringeInstafam Sign Up

> We will only send you emails relating to the #FringeInstafam

> Anyone using the tags but not helping others may be dropped out of the group



Why not just use #ADLFringe, #fringeworld or other festival tags?

Sometimes there's so much content it is difficult to interact with it all and not everyone using those likes others' posts. 


Still use those hashtags in your posts. 

This extra one is for anyone who wants help and is keen to help others.

Why change the hashtag?

We want to make sure people aren't just using the hashtags and not liking back. This helps. We are also looking at forming a group.

What does this have to do with Realscape Productions?

We couldn't find any groups like this for Fringe theatre, so we decided to make one. 

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